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During an office consolidation, we were tasked to deliver AV displays for the reception area, meeting room facilities and room booking solutions.

lancashire group
Global Insurance Specialists Lancashire Holdings had embarked on the relocation of their main UK headquarters into the iconic 20 Fenchurch Street (Walkie Talkie) London.

Bringing three of the company businesses together for the first time on the 29th floor, with breath-taking views 360 degrees across the London skyline, we were tasked with delivering high-quality room booking solutions, presentation and video conferencing facilities across 15 meeting rooms, as well as digital signage to the main reception area.

All rooms were based around the necessity of a simple-to-use solution, with communication requirements for Lancashire Group’s global offices, working alongside the main contractor, Parkeray.


The displays are designed and delivered using ultra-slim bezel High-Definition Samsung 24/7 displays to ensure content from web cameras in locations associated with Lancashire Groups global locations.

In addition, the playback of important national news and corporate marketing was achieved with dedicated signage servers centrally located within the client’s main communications room that can be updated and scheduled to come on at any given time with any desired message, video or image.

The result is an impressive array of instant signage to the client’s customers entering the reception giving both an informative and engaging marketing message to all those entering the 29th floor.

Meeting Room Booking Systems

Designed and delivered using a Crestron Fusion Room View back-end software and a 7” TSW 752 outside of each meeting room.

The solution is centralised and integrated into the company’s global office management system to ensure there is no wasteful practice of trying to track down an empty meeting room.

Many of the displays were glass mounted of which AVAT deployed a suitable mounting solution giving each room a clear display of who has booked the space now and, in the future, also with a convenient instant booking facility displaying a visual LED of Red when the room is in use and Green when the room is free.

Meeting Rooms and Video Conferencing

We designed and delivered a system with Samsung High Definition Displays, with the integration of Cisco system Codecs and High-Definition cameras.

The rooms were enhanced with discreet table recessed Beyer Dynamic button table microphones and Clearone digital system processing to support the audio routing and control of audio conferencing.

To ensure all rooms were unified and easy for staff to use the whole system is supported with hard-wired Crestron control systems, enabling total ease of use and system management including lighting and blind automation.

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