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Our video wall solutions are equipped with high picture quality and performance - perfect for advertisements, information and broadcast video.

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We have many years’ experience designing, implementing and maintaining advanced audio-visual management and video-wall systems in the work, education and retail environments, and have installed multiple Video walls within:

Design, Programming and Service

The AVAT service starts with design. Whatever you need to display we’ll ensure that you get the simplest possible user interface with ease of use built in. You can choose from basic wall units through to the latest in wireless touch panels and tablets.

Then it’s the turn of our in-house programmers’ team to make sure that the Video wall displays the right messaging. A touch of a button will allow you to manage the selection of data and video, adjust the audio, to complete the ease of use of your Video wall.

Finally, it’s the turn of our service department to make sure that everything keeps running smoothly. We can be there in just a few hours to re-programme content when messages need to be replaced, or new items added. Or we can set up a maintenance schedule to take care of firmware and software updates without you having to worry.

Our technology to deliver your complete Video Wall solution includes:

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