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Video conferencing is an integral part of any effective communications system.

We offer an unbeatable combination of in-depth design expertise, the most advanced technology, and all of our experience to make solutions that work in your business or home environment in the long term.

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Face-to-Face Meetings

We have the capability and expertise to design and install video conferencing solutions for:

Quality Interface

What’s particularly important for our clients is that our fusion approach incorporates a range of vital factors that maximise both visual and audio quality and the communications effectiveness of your solution, including:

Teams & Zoom Rooms

Our integrated solutions help keep your hard-working teams connected whether at work or at home.

Strategic Partners

We work with the industry’s biggest and best providers of hardware components to facilitate the simplest or more demanding of spaces.

Solutions To Suit

From a simple webcam at home or a fully designed and integrated set up, we can provide the right solution to meet your situation and budget in spaces.

Instant Real Time Communications With Audio Conferencing

Despite highly sophisticated new visual technology the telephone is still a valuable communication tool and audio conferencing remains an indispensable system for group communication, especially where time or distance is an issue. You can bring colleagues or clients into the discussion simply by making a phone call: whether they are in another building or another country.

We provide everything from desktop solutions to integrated auditorium systems. However, it’s our design, integration, installation and service capabilities come to the fore in this field because effective audio conferencing isn’t just an equipment purchase.

AV Expertise

The AVAT design team have the expertise to ensure that everyone in the meeting can hear and be heard at an even volume to allow discussion to flow freely whether your participants are seated two feet or twenty feet from conferencing equipment

AV Integration

Our systems integration and installation capability means that we can work across multiple networks (analogue, digital, IP, you name it) and fit into your existing infrastructure, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and BlueJeans.
Home Video Conferencing

AV Support

Once we have established your video conferencing environment, we are on-hand with your choice of maintenance and support packages to match how critical to the business your solution is.

We have a wide range of support packages that will keep you working 24/7 if that’s what your business needs, whether office based or working from home.

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